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Is your current real estate company sending you solid leads, offering the latest training, technology and providing you with a proven lead management system that allows you more time to build your business and make money?

---> YES?

Great! Are you sure that is's as good as it could be and that your current company has the latest in technology to help you achieve your maximum potential and success?

---> MAYBE?

If you're not sure then the answer is likely no or you're still waiting on that promise of something great that's on the way, only it's been a never ending wait and you're struggling.

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Well, click here and let's talk! You've got a lot of success ahead of you!

Our solid, proven training, technology & support allows YOU to focus more time on selling real estate and less time on lead generation. Let us help you handle the lead generation while you devote more time to making SALES!

We offer

  1. Daily agent training opportunities for lead generation techniques, buyer and seller lead management, effective social media marketing and more.
  2. Your own personal web site with lead generation, lead capture AND automated lead management! Don't lose that lead because you can't respond immediately. The system will do it for you in real time!
  3. Your own personalized mobile app to share with your buyers and sellers that includes mapping, live 24/7 chat & direct lead routing to YOU, built right in. Your buyers will love being able to park in front of any property and get the listing info along with photos and YOUR contact information! They can even request a showing with the touch of a button!
  4. Live 24/7 chat on your own personal web site with lead routing directly to YOU! Don't miss those leads due to being with your family, on vacation or because a lead is in a different time zone. Let your live personal assistant chat with them and send you the details!
  5. Automated marketing to Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Backpage and more!
  6. Generous commission plans
  7. Offer to closing office support
  8. Guaranteed number of leads per month
  9. Much more!

Contact us today and let us help you take your success to the next level!

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Scott Funk