Best Reasons To Buy Or Relocate In Baldwin County Alabama

Dated: May 15 2017

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Top Ten Best Reasons to Relocate to Baldwin County Alabama (Part 1 of 2) :

Hi folks!  Mark DeSeno with Gulf Winds Realty & Development, LLC here to highlight the top ten reasons to buy in, or relocate to, Baldwin County Alabama.  I originally intended this to be a ten part series but have since decided that the information would be more beneficial presented in two parts.  So today I will present Part 1 of 2, or the first 5 of the 10 best reasons to look at homes and real estate in Baldwin County.  For my personal history in the area see my previous blog, and  for more detailed information please feel free to contact me anytime!

1)  Recreation and Outdoors:  There are tons of fun things to do in Baldwin County for people of all ages!  Activities include water parks, small town festivals, great golf courses, several local shooting ranges, art festivals, plenty of fresh and salt water boating/sailing and kayaking,  beautiful state parks and camp grounds,  and regionally famous events on the gulf such as the shrimp festival, the mullet toss, and the hang out festival.  Baldwin County also has several nice movie theaters,  baseball and football programs for youth of all  ages, bowling allies, soccer, racquet sports,  great hunting and fishing of all types, and lots of beautiful SUNSHINE.  Visit here for more information  .

2)  Education:  Schools System and Colleges:  Baldwin County has an outstanding public school system and rated higher than neighboring counties by   Here are a few links for more information to view and compare:  , and   .  There are also several great trade schools and colleges located within a convenient distance of Baldwin County , such as :  University of South Alabama, Faulkner State Community College, Pensacola State College, University of Mobile, Pensacola Christian College, as well as various trades schools.  Whatever your educational pursuits,  you can achieve them conveniently from Baldwin County!  I have attended three of these colleges, so please don't hesitate to contact me for more information!

3)  Employment & Jobs:  Baldwin County has one of the lowest unemployment rates of any county in the state at 4.8%  as stated by the Alabama department of Labor .  Alabama is a right-to -work state and is attracting major industry investment and development in the fields of aerospace, automobile manufacture, and ship building.  The build up of these industries brings with it increases in supporting jobs such as hospitality, food, recreation, housing, and the service industry.  And growth - Baldwin County is growing rapidly  as referenced here :  .  If you are looking for work on any level, the Mobile/Baldwin County area is a great place to start... and live!

4)  Sports - Team and Outdoor:  One of the first questions you're likely to get once you're here is, "Alabama or Auburn?".    If you want to play along, build relationships , and just meet great folks then I recommend you choose one of these ball teams to pull for.  We take out college football very seriously here in Alabama and especially Baldwin County - have fun with it!  The Baldwin County community is heavily involved and engaged in team sports!  Football and baseball are among the favorites, but soccer, softball, and volleyball are enjoyed as well.  There are also more outdoorsy sports such as salt and fresh water fishing,  trap and skeet shooting, golf, and swimming sports.  If you enjoy it, you can probably find it right here on the beautiful gulf coast of Baldwin County!  

5)  Cost of Living and Taxes:  Baldwin County has a slightly lower cost of living than the national average as shown here, but a huge benefit and advantage in the quality of life as seen here .  Also, according to and , ,  Alabama has among the lowest property taxes in the country.  Also Alabama's state income tax is in the national median as seen here: .  Based on the data, and my personal life experience, Alabama/Baldwin County is an outstanding value for the cost of living!  

This concludes Part 1 and the first 5 reasons to buy a home or real estate in Baldwin County.  Stay tuned for Part 2 which will include:  Shopping: Food and Retail, Local Hospitality and Relationships, Lifestyles: Coastal/Country/City, Housing: Homes/Investment/Vacation, and Weather & Environment.  I hope this information has been beneficial.  For more information please contact me directly, or to see homes and real estate available in our area please check out the listings on our website.  With our vast online network, we can also quickly assist you in connecting with the right buyer for your particular home or property!

Thanks again for reading/following, I'll  see you next Monday for Part 2!

Mark DeSeno

Gulf Winds Realty & Development, LLC

251- 978- HELP (4357)

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