Finding Joy And That Aha Moment

Dated: December 26 2014

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"They" say " blog about things your like. Blog about Real Estate. Blog about family, people, communities, neighborhoods, your dog, or happenings in the Mobile Bay, Mobile, Alabama area or the Beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. I'm going with a people theme this time. I was reading an article in the Huffington Post by Rita Wilson titled, "We are seeking 15 Women over 50 Who Want to Make a Radical Change in 2015."

 Here's the url:

Reading this article, given that I'm over 50, hits home with me on many fronts. The last 6 months was a time of introspection after trying to "reinvent" myself in an industry that's rewarding and challenging to say the least while finally grieving multiple deaths  of friends and family.  I thought about doing something different, changing careers and then had an "AHA" moment. I AM a Realtor. it's part of me.  I have lived all my 50+ years enjoying life (well, for the most part), loving adventures, new experiences, finding joy in simple things and people. I've always enjoyed meeting new people from different places in the USA and abroad and helping people through the process of buying a home here in Baldwin County and Mobile County.  Finding the perfect home requires understanding a family's needs and wants, and their specific situation. Finding the "right" home and working throught the process with buyers and sellers is fun to me.  I enJOY the process. I've also enjoyed all kinds of activities including motorcyles, traveling, gardening and golf. But, mainly enjoying people which is pretty important in this industry.   This last part of this year was a introspective season partly due to reasons cited in the article above. The article states it beautifully. Happily, I came out of all the soul searching. I had my "AHA" moment,  I'm thankful for my family, my professional women friends who are also over 50 and I thank God.  My point is no matter what your age, even over 50, it's important to be true to yourself,  be kind, and make decisions to make any changes needed.   I too, can still be smart and sassy over 50 and I am definitely one of the babyboomers who's NOT ready to go gently into the night as Rita Wilson says in the article.  Let's have fun as we get to know each other while I help you through the process and hand you the keys to your dream home.  If you want to check out a few till then, my website link is below.

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