Woman Continues Paying Mortgage Years After Her Death

Dated: 03/10/2014

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WOW!   There's an expectation for a mortgage holder to keep their mortgage current but doing so after death is bizarre!  This is evidently the case when a woman’s “mummified” body was recently discovered by a contractor in a garage of a foreclosed home in Pontiac, Mich.

It seems the woman’s death went unnoticed for years partially because she stayed current on her mortgage each month until recently. The woman had automatic payments debited from her bank account each month to cover her mortgage. But police say that the woman, who was in her 40s, likely died back in 2008.  That's the same year that the license plate on the Jeep expired.
“She had $54,000 in her account and her bills were being deducted,” says Undersheriff Mike McCabe. “Eventually the money ran out and her house went into foreclosure.”
Neighbors had believed that the woman had moved out of the country and they say they hadn't seen her for years. Neighbors had begun complaining about the condition of the home, however, due to a hole in the roof from which raccoons were entering. Once the payments ceased, the home fell into foreclosure and contractors were called out to the home to assess roof repairs.   one of the contractors went into the garage and saw the mummified remains in the backseat of the Jeep in the garage and called 911," McCabe said.
McCabe also indicated that the electricity was still on in the house but moisture had caused black mold throughout the home. Detectives planned to wear firefighter protective suits to inspect the rest of the home,
While this is a rare case, many families lose touch with their relatives for extended periods of time.  Please take time to check on your loved ones on a regular basis!
Source: “‘Mummified’ Body Found in Garage of Foreclosed House,” USA Today (March 6, 2014)

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